Center for Contemporary Art, CCA Kitakyushu

Contemporary art, the art of the age that we live in, is the freest and most creative field of a modern society characterized by divergent cultural thrusts.
In an age where humanities, social sciences and the hard sciences are expanding the boundaries of their disciplines, contemporary art maintains close links to all these fields, reflecting the diversity of society through free expression unfettered by existing values or paradigms.

In doing so, contemporary art presents new directions for the issues in these other fields as they bear on present- day society. Yet, it is by no means easy for young artists to embark upon new creative endeavors that embody their understanding of the complex realities of the present day. In view of the meaning that art holds for modern society, it is crucial to the societies of which we are members that we create an environment that will allow promising young artists of the upcoming generation, with all their talent and commitment, to make the leap to creativity.

The non-profit organization CCA Kitakyushu opened May 1997 subsidized by the City of Kitakyushu, is intended to be a uniquely-conceived institute for study and research in contemporary art.

It purposes to establish in Kitakyushu a world center for contemporary arts that generate new ideas and perspectives, and network closely with artists, the curators/critics and the many other institutions.


CCA Kitakyushu is to be established as a world center for study and research in contemporary art to be operated from a global perspective. Its function is to be a forum for communication, where artists and curators/critics and specialists from various fields can discuss over the table. The dialogue occurs with their expert knowledge in order to explore the new modes of creativities and possibilities.

As part of its program, CCA Kitakyushu carries out a variety of collaborative projects with the internationally recognized artists as professorship. Commensurate with a role as a research institution, major areas of focus is to build the library of collection on contemporary art of catalogues and audio-visual works: also, to utilize extensively the information resources available on a bidirectionally constructed network with leading institutions in the field of arts around the world.





by AIR Fukuoka Airport / Kitakyushu Airport
by TRAIN Orio Station (JR)
10 minutes by taxi / 15 minutes by bus

International Committee


Nobuo NAKAMURA, Founder/Director


Marina ABRAMOVIC (Artist)
Marius BABIAS (Director, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein)
Daniel BIRNBAUM (Director, Moderna Museet Stockholm)
Saskia BOS (Curator)
Daniel BUREN (Artist)
Maria EICHHORN (Artist)
Olafur ELIASSON (Artist)
Hamish FULTON (Artist)
Liam GILLICK (Artist)
Hans Ulrich OBRIST (Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects, Serpentine Gallery, London)
Hiroshi SUGIMOTO (Artist)
Rirkrit TIRAVANIJA (Artist)
Marijke VAN WARMERDAM (Artist)
Lawrence WEINER (Artist)
Nobuo NAKAMURA, Founder/Director

1997 – 2015



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