Bridge the Gap? 

BRIDGE THE GAP? aims to create an ongoing forum for artists, scientists, designers, and thinkers in the humanities to exchange ideas and stimulate each other in an interdisciplinary exploration while respecting the different approaches and values embedded in each discipline. After the first BTG? of 2001, which invited 30 participants to Kitakyushu, the second was held in Milan, the third in Chiang Mai, the fourth in Kitakyushu/Shanghai, the fifth in Venice, the sixth in New York, the seventh in Granada, the eighth in Ahungalla, the ninth in Mexico City, and the tenth in Istanbul, constantly changing the scale and the venues.

By making the coffee break a central forum for enhancing exchanges between participants, BTG? poses a question as to the necessity of actual and virtual salons now. BTG? proposes a non-linear, non-hierarchical approach to knowledge production – to go beyond the boundaries of disciplines and to overcome fears of pooling knowledge. Classical conferences emphasized order and stability. In contrast, we now see fluctuations and instability: the unpredictable. In non-equilibrium physics, you find various notions of unstable systems and the dynamics of unstable environments. Instead of certitudes, BTG? expresses connective possibilities.

The field of reflection and discussion coming from the different perspectives will begin to broaden, deepen and create the grounds to work in collaboration.

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