Retrace Scholarship Project

Saturday January 6, 2024
Matinee – Open 12 pm Start 1 pm / Evening – Open 5 pm Start 6 pm
Admission JPY 5000 (1 free drink included) + pay as you wish

Reservation / phone 0980-83-1537
Café Class / 2416-6, Arakawa, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0024 Japa

Admission JPY 5000 (1 free drink included) + pay as you wish
Booking required Capacity approx. 70 for 1 stage

CCA Islands is excited to unveil a new initiative, ‘Retrace.’ This endeavor aims to spotlight musicians and sound professionals with ties to the Yaeyama Islands. In collaboration with the Retrace initiative, Tetsuhiro Daiku, Hidekatsu, and Hiromi Kinjo will deliver a captivating performance at Cafe Class on Ishigaki Island on January 6, 2024.

This performance holds dual significance. It not only celebrates music but also aids aspiring music professionals. All ticket sales from this event will fund scholarships for budding musicians. The esteemed panel of Daiku, Hidekatsu, and Kinjo will handpick the scholarship recipients, with the announcement set for the day of the concert.

The Yaeyama Islands, nestled in the southern part of Japan, comprise over ten distinctive islands. The surrounding marine setting has bestowed each island with a unique blend of history, culture, religion, and lifestyle. Yet, the islands maintain a symbiotic connection with each other, the broader Japanese landscape, and the international community. Within this rich tapestry, Retrace shines a light on the integral role of “music/sound” in the area’s cultural mosaic.

Prominent within Yaeyama culture are its folklore singers. Yet, the spotlight often illuminates the music and traditions, leaving individual histories and thoughts in the shadows. Retrace aims to change this narrative by delving deep into the lives and minds of these individuals, unravelling untold stories through comprehensive interviews and performances. The goal is to challenge and reshape conventional perceptions of Yaeyama’s history and customs.

Retrace Scholarship Project is supported by
Peace Winds and Contemporary Art Platform, Japan.

Performers’ biography

Tetsuhiro Daiku, an Ishigaki native now based in Naha, Okinawa, discovered his passion for the Sanshin in his teens. He pioneered the establishment of local performing arts clubs at schools in Ishigaki. Notably, Daiku is among the select singers well-versed in a multitude of inherited Yaeyama songs. Committed to propagating Yaeyama’s folk traditions, he has founded schools across Japan dedicated to this cause.

Hidekatsu, originally from Taketomi Island and currently residing in Naha, Okinawa, is renowned for his distinctive guitar sound, originating from an instrument he serendipitously discovered. His iconic track, ‘Mirukumunari’, has garnered acclaim both in Japan and internationally since its 90s release. Besides his musical talents, Hidekatsu is a prolific producer, and seamlessly blends his musical prowess with theater, while also fostering collaborations with other artists.

Hiromi Kinjo, another Ishigaki native, has been a formidable presence in the folklore scene from a young age, amassing numerous accolades at esteemed folklore contests. As one of the region’s few maestros, Kinjo diligently works to conserve and transmit traditional folklore melodies. Moreover, her versatility extends beyond folklore; she collaborates with a wide spectrum of musicians, bringing diverse sounds to the forefront.