CCA Islands Travel Scholarship 2024 – 2025

CCA Islands offers CCA Travel Scholarship for emerging artists, curators, architects, designers and those who aim to be a professional in various areas of contemporary art and culture, pursuing their research and creative activities in Japan.

The scholarship offers research expenses of JPY 200’000 and covers one return transportation fare (only to/from Japan) according to CCA Islands terms and conditions (In the case of residing in Japan, transportation expenses for one round trip between the two locations in Japan is provided). Preference will be given to applicants under 35 years of age.
The recipients are expected to stay in Japan, and the minimum length of stay is 4 weeks and 8 weeks at the maximum between September 1st, 2024 and March 31, 2025. In the end of their stay, the recipients are required to report the result of their research.

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Application requirements


Work experience in contemporary art or majored in art/art history.


Work experience by running a private office or being engaged in equivalent activities.


No specific requirements.
ALL up to age 35.

Application Materials

Please apply online and submit the following documents.

[The materials required to all applicants:]

1.Research proposal (max. 1000 words) 2.Provisional research schedule 3.The budget plan except for flight ticket to/from Japan 4.CV


Cover letter summarizing your recent professional work mainly on art exhibitions, publication and art projects, not in excess of 500 words


The image of your works, for 5 works in minimum, and 10 works in maximum, including the caption, description, title, year, materials, project description. Please do not submit more than 10 images. For time-based media, such as film, video, and sound, please submit no more than 5 minutes of material (not 5 min for each file, the total duration of all your works must be 5 min)


The Deadline April 26, 2024.

Result announcement

Around June 2024.

Online application