Philippe Parreno

The Sky of The Seven Colors
2003-03-31 - 2003-05-16

CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery presented a new work by Philippe Parreno.

“This exhibition at the CCA entitled The Sky of The Seven Colors is not set in a permanent form. It will change few times through the duration of the show.”

“Each time its a facets of a discrete object that is shown. We could define these moments as a three-dimensional snapshot. Three-dimensional snapshots are pretty much like two-dimensional snapshots except that the information contains in them makes it possible to build up a three-dimensional representation of the world.”

Sequence # 1: The exhibition start with a display of five posters. Each of them illustrates an event that will take place until the end of the show in mid March. The lights of the gallery space are switched on and off allowing the posters printed with a phosphorescent ink to appear for a while before fading away.

Sequence # 2: The fluorescents light of the gallery has been replaced now by a series of LED bulb prototypes. Those bulbs provide a specific and a permanent daylight (they never breaks). On the floor a lamp is displayed. Made of aluminum, all it’s parts come from an alloy of recycled electronic products.

Sequence # 3: A new attraction is launched in Space World, the theme park of the city. Space World is a never-ending dream of the exiting and fun outer space. In front of the Space Eye and at closing time a dance is performed by the disguised characters. A pantomime to start thinking about a timeless universe.

Sequence # 4: A commercial truck drives through the city equipped with megaphones broadcasting a soliloquy.

Sequence # 5: A book is published drawing a path between these fabricated events that took place between March 29 and May 16th 2003.

“This show is addressed to Liam Gillick, an artist who has already been shown at the CCA in May 2000. It is certainly unusual to address an exhibition like a mail, a post-symbolic way of communication. This is part of an on going discussion the two artists had been carrying on, since the beginning of the nineties. So the guest of the exhibition can read indifferently this show as a stolen letter or as a series of synoptic elements. A synopsis in which fiction and reality are cross fading. A synopsis featuring a moment in history in which the future (volatile) and the past (instable) is absent. A shaking moment, flickering between a dream time and a day after.”

Phillipe Parreno stayed as Professor of Research Program during a month of March 2003.

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Philippe Parreno
2003-03-31 - 2003-05-16

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