2012-12-10 - 2013-01-11

CCA Kitakyushu Project Gallery presented DO IT project, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, following the instructions by Hans-Peter Feldmann, Christian Marclay, Alison Knowles and Valerie Mrejen.

“Do IT” is an exhibition realized by executing artists’ instructions. Everyday object or action is considered as the material for it and becomes a starting point. This means that every time the instruction is realized, the art work is re-created, depending on the people who actually “do it”, the location and environment.

“DO IT began in 1993 with a discussion among Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, and myself in the Cafe Select, Paris. Both artists have been interested in various forms of instructional procedures since the early 1970s, and that evening they spoke of the instructions contained within their own work.”

“DO IT stems from an open exhibition model, and exhibition in progress. Individual instructions can open empty spaces for occupation and invoke possibilities for the interpretations and rephrasing of artworks in a totally free manner. DO IT effects interpretations based on location, and calls for a dovetailing of local structures with the artworks themselves. The diverse cities in which DO IT takes place actively construct the artwork context and endow it with their individual marks or distinctions.” – Hans Ulrich Obrist

In “DO IT” of CCA Project Gallery, the four artists’ instructions were performed: Hans-Peter Feldmann, Christian Marclay, Alison Knowles and Valerie Mrejen. Following their instructions, the people, who are close to CCA Kitakyushu and the city, are asked to “do it” through their understanding of it. In Project Gallery, the realization – the artwork was on view as various forms and materials such as video, photograph and object.

DO IT at CCA contributes to the online edition of DO IT. So all the documentations will be sent to “DO IT at e-flux” where over 80 artists’ instructions are uploaded. In the contents, all the related materials including the individual record, documentation, feedback and essays are constantly accumulated.

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Hans-Peter Feldmann
Alison Knowles
Christian Marclay
Valerie Mrejen
2012-12-10 - 2013-01-11