Kazuo Shinohara

A Certain Regard
2015-10-19 - 2015-11-06

CCA Kitakyushu presents ‘Kazuo Shinohara: A Certain Regard’
the first exhibition at the new place.

Kazuo Shinohara (1925–2006) was one of the most influential architects of postwar Japan. Reframing traditional Japanese forms, the ’House in Kugayama’ built in 1953, ‘House in White’ and ‘House with an Earthen Floor’, all embody Shinohara’s manifesto, ‘a house is art’, with intense architectural space posing an unconventional approach. Shinohara pursued his own style and designed also public buildings such as Centennial Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1987). Shinohara’s recognition of the ‘chaos’ of the city, and his intuitive and poetical works have had an impact on both architects and visual artists.

‘A Certain Regard’ juxtaposes various aspects of city perceived by Shinohara with his writings, together with an interview recorded in his last year.


The city I have passed is behind me. In front of me.
I see a road extending straight forward with its end disappearing from my view.
Although I cannot go to the end of the road,
I’m sure there is a city there, which has beautiful houses on the streets,
just like the city I have passed.
I remain standing still while thinking of an unknown beautiful city
in an invisibly far away place.
An image of my ‘city’ evolves with the sight of a road.

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Kazuo Shinohara
2015-10-19 - 2015-11-06

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